Shop and Dine In Calgary's Own Greenwich Village

Residents and visitors alike enjoy supporting local businesses in this new northwest community with a village-like atmosphere.

Sure, you could book an almost five-hour flight from Calgary to New York to explore the trendy neighbourhood of Greenwich and check out the chic stores, popular cafes, and historic brownstones. Or, you can head to Calgary’s very own version of the village — and be home in time for dinner.

Greenwich is a new community in northwest Calgary named after New York City’s Greenwich Village.

“New York City’s Greenwich served as inspiration for Calgary’s Greenwich, and certain characteristics and attributes shared by both locations,” explains Erin Cripps, sales and marketing coordinator at Melcor Developments. “These include aspects such as urban vibrancy, cultural diversity, architectural style and a thriving walkability among shops, retail and grocery shopping.”

While Greenwich is a desirable community to live and work in, its location just across the highway from WinSport makes it easily accessible for all Calgarians looking for a cool new spot to shop and dine.

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Shop local producers and suppliers

“Greenwich exudes a village-like atmosphere through a combination of factors that promote community engagement and a sense of closeness. One such aspect is the presence of the Calgary Farmers’ Market (CFM) West location, which fosters a local food culture and provides a hub for residents to connect over fresh produce and artisanal goods,” says Cripps.

After breakfast at Monki Breakfast Club and Bistro, head to CFM West to pick up fresh ingredients for the week from vendors like Spragg’s Meat Shop, Gemstone Grass-Fed Beef and Innisfail Growers. Stick around for a delicious lunch with flavours from around the world. Try a dish from the likes of Thai Mama, Anatolia Turkish Food or Hankki Korean Street Food (and, of course, treat yourself to dessert from one of the local bakeries or patisseries on-site, too). Or, head out into the community to support other local businesses, like Masala Bhavan or The Mash.

You could spend all day shopping, sipping, dining, even unwinding in Greenwich — that’s because there are so many great Calgary businesses to check out like Market Wines, Analog Coffee, Leela Eco Spa and Abbey’s Creations.

Modern conveniences in a quaint setting

Both Greenwich residents and visitors can also expect to find essential services here, such as Citizen Salon, Novo Optical, Poplar Dental and Holistic Institute of Health and Fertility. The bonus is that the design of Greenwich gives it a charming small-town feel, complete with welcoming green spaces.

“Greenwich’s emphasis on local amenities, pedestrian-friendly infrastructure and communal spaces, parks and plazas contributes to its distinctive village atmosphere,” says Cripps. “The neighbourhood’s walkability encourages leisurely strolls and chance encounters, enhancing the feeling of a tight-knit community.”

Make the Village Home

Greenwich is also a desirable new community to call home. Like its namesake, Greenwich’s housing offerings include brownstones, townhomes and luxury condos with eco-friendly designs and modern architecture.

“These unique housing concepts appeal to individuals seeking a contemporary and sustainable lifestyle, setting Greenwich apart from traditional neighbourhoods in Calgary,” says Cripps. Plus, Greenwich’s thoughtful design aims to support both active Calgarians as well as individuals with artistic lifestyles that Greenwich is known for.

“Melcor recognized that a thriving community requires space and time for both productivity and relaxation,” says Cripps. “By incorporating green spaces, recreational amenities and communal gathering areas, the neighbourhood encourages residents to nurture their passions, whether artistic, athletic or entrepreneurial, while also enjoying moments of leisure and connection with friends, family and neighbours.”

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